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Terms and Conditions for display entrants


Upon submitting your entry form and any donations, you are committing to maintain your display at the given location from 9am on Saturday 22nd October until 4pm on Saturday 29th October 2022.  You also agree to abide by the rules and guidelines published below.

Rules and Guidelines:

Displays need to be maintained in good condition for the duration of the trail, so please consider how you will achieve this if the weather is not kind!  You may like to move your display inside to protect it from the rain/wind, but it will still need to be visible through a window. Alternatively, you may choose to shelter your display, with a tent for example.  

We recommend that your display is out of reach from explorers to avoid damage, and that there are no trip hazards.

The Crowthorne Trails team will take photographs of all the registered displays.  Registration of a display permits the Crowthorne Trails team to use these photos on our website, social media and in promotional literature/displays.

Confirmation of entry acceptance and theme will be sent by email.

Members of the public who have purchased a trail map will vote for their favourite displays and prizes will be given for the most popular displays, including:

The most popular business display - prize TBC
The most popular residential displays - top 3 win prizes TBC
The most amusing display which will be voted for by the Crowthorne Trails team.

A display may only win one category and the Crowthorne Trails team decision is final.

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